Matryoshka + Japanese = cuteness

Matryoshka Cafe Curtains

How fabulous is this Matryoshka Cafe Curtain print?! But wait… there’s more fabulousness with this item:

The ready-made cafe curtain is one of those brilliant exports from Japan. These have a white, screen printed scalloped border along each edge, and pre-cut holes for curtain rods. Simply trim the excess fabric along the scallops, hem the sides to the appropriate width (or just finish with some bias tape!), and you have ready to hang curtains! The screen print ink will keep the fabric from fraying along the scallops and curtain rod loops, minimizing the prep work – ingenious!

Ingenious, indeed!

Available at SuperBuzzy, home of “Japanese fabrics, notions, fun craft supplies, and other cute stuff.” Thanks to Junior Society for bringing this into my world. SuperBuzzy’s website was recently redesigned by Meomi, of whom I am a long time fan and tshirt-wearer.

AND… SuperBuzzy is apparently located just down the way from me in Ventura!

Are you interested in seeing everything in person? We don’t have a retail location, but we love walk-in warehouse visitors! Please email or give us a call to set up a time in advance so that we don’t miss you!

Definitely a visit will be occurring in my near future.

Driving me crazy

Even though I am now a parent, George’s post today is something with which I totally sympathize. License plate messages such as the one that got stuck in his craw (“Only the best dads get promoted to grandpa”) are cloyingly precious, elitist and arrogant. In George’s example, the sticker is essentially saying if you’re male, and you’re not a grandpa, you must be a loser.

His post brought to mind a pet peeve of mine…another irksome phenomenon from the world of bumper sticker philosophy – this kind of crap:

Every kid deserves to be honored at [Wasteland] Middle School.

The idiot p.c.-overboard parents are essentially retaliating over those who display “I have an honors student” bumper sitckers and whining, My kid’s a loser who plays video games too much and barely manages a C average but he still deserves to be honored.

And another thing…

WTF is the deal with those “In loving memory” decals these days? You know, those ones that cover practically the entire back windshield, sometimes with a white chalkesque outline of the loved one’s profile or perhaps part of a collage which may include an Our Lady of Guadalupe decal and a sticker of Calvin (sans Hobbes) taking a piss?

Our Lady of Guadalupe
Calvin peeing


OMG!!! Was just googling to find an image/link to help illustrate aforementioned decals. This site has ’em for, like, your dog (with choice of various breeds), your cat, your horse (oh, wait… that’s a Great Dane)… There are even two different versions of Hello Kitty decals. (UPDATE 7 Jan 09: There’s a Great Dane decal and a horse one. Just thought you’d like to know.)

spot decal cat decal
hello kitty decal hello kitty 2 decal

BTW… Huh? What’s up with the elk and deer?!

elk decal deer decal

And those stick figure family decals, too, which often include the family’s stick figure dog or cat. And the females are all depicted Stepford-like in skirts, not trousers. Those annoy me, too.


I informed Tim last week that he does not have to get a R.I.P. decal for the car should I move on to that happy hour in the sky. His response: “Oh, thank you Sweetie!” And in his voice, I definitely heard more genuine gratitude than sarcasm. For sure.